QSFT Student Film Wins “Best Action Short” At International Festival

QSFT Student Film Wins “Best Action Short” At International Festival

QSFT’s 2015 Graduation Film – Outside the Wire has won the “Best Action Short” at Atlanta Shortsfest, Georgia – USAearlier this month!

Directed by Shaun Clifford – Outside the Wire is a  QSFT student’s graduating  short film. This film follows a female Australian Army Medic, as she lays trapped after the building she is hiding in collapses leaving her with a broken leg and minimal supplies. Unable to contact help, she is left alone with a growing infection in her leg, until the unlikely arrival of a young, frightened boy, wielding an AK47. He helps her maintain survival through their developing friendship of mutual trust, until her fellow soldiers find her…

This short film took three days to shoot, two of which were filmed in our QSFT studio.  The students did an amazing job of creating a realistic set. This set took a week of sweat and tears to build.  The third day was shot in the heart of the Redlands Quarry.  The external location was chosen fairly early on as there aren’t many places around Brisbane that are as aesthetically unique as Afghanistan, making it an easy choice to pick the Redlands Quarry.

The set design on the other hand was extremely difficult.  “Our art director, Shannon Webb, had quite an ordeal finding elements that worked for them to match the look they required.  Our first attempt at building the walls proved to start racking up costs much quicker than we had hoped so we lost some time there while we had to action plan B.” – Says Shaun Clifford, the Writer and Director of the film.  Plan B, consisted of a large amount of polystyrene being broken down then remade into the walls of the set.


Congratulations to the crew for the well-deserved recognition!