Training Quality

Industry Professional Trainers

QSFT’s trainers are film and media professionals.  They currently work in the industry with up-to-date skills.

They are passionate about filmmaking and eager to share that passion with their students. Many of the schools trainers have been the recipients of prestigious film industry awards.

QSFT trainers ensure that classroom knowledge is at the cutting edge.  Students gain experience where it counts. Our trainers are passionate about students’ learning experience and are even willing to spend their own time to assist students on their short film projects.  They go out of their way to provide help for students to find work in the industry through personal networks and contacts.

Small Class Training

Class numbers are purposely capped which allows the trainer to ensure each of the participants are engaged to maximise their participation and learning experience.

Each student gets the chance to participate in various roles within a production scenario to capture all necessary skills and experiences.

Industry-Based Training

Using the industry-standard technology and equipment, our students learn about the industry in a professional studio environment.  Students have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including short films, television commercials and music video productions.

To ensure students are kept up to date with industry practices, field trips to professional production facilities are incorporated in our training programs.

Flexible Study Program

QSFT programs  cater for people with both full-time or part-time status as well as providing the flexibility of after hours study classes.  QSFT also delivers programs in conjunction with high school release hours as well as weekend workshops.

Needless to say, QSFT has a program for everyone!