Rising Star in the Making – Shanelle (Floss) Adams
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Rising Star in the Making – Shanelle (Floss) Adams

Rising Star in the Making – Shanelle (Floss) Adams

QSFT is extremely proud of our Certificate III in Media – High School scholarship student, Shanelle (Floss) Adams, who is the winner of ‘Younger at Heart” category from Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival.

Floss’ film ‘Persistence of Time’ experiments with form and repetition to take the viewer on a journey into her internal world – inspired by her experience as a boarder at Clayfield College.

Floss is a rising star in the making and we can’t wait to see her next creative production.

Again, congratulations to Floss for her achievement to-date and many more to come!
One of QSFT’s values is to encourage students to participate in additional film festivals and competitions, alongside their training.

QSFT offers students opportunities to deliver quality products to their best possible ability and accumulate their real life learning through these experiences.